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As the title states,

This is a keypress bot for HighStreet5 (tested on HS5 Malaysia only). Sorry for posting in Audition but there's no HS5 section here.. and most Audition players I know play HS5 too.

I'm the maker of this bot and I've decided to make it public. My last public release was over a year ago with cabalriderrider (payment bypass). Check the release notes below :


HS5 auto key presser. Does 4k and 8k in any song mode. Handles mirrored keys (red)
and unknown (orange) keys fine too. Works great in everything except indi battle.

Released because I quit, check the About info in the program once you get it loaded.

EXE is not packed with anything and is made in .NET, if you find any packers attached
to it then its not my release.


.NET framework 2.0/3.0 (if you dont have it it will throw an error on runtime)


This is meant to be run with Cheat Engine. Reason being I had no time to implement
a mem search feature in VB.net. Tried but it was slow as ****.. so you need CE
to scan for the Array of Bytes. I've only tested this on the HS5 Malaysia client
and its been working for 3 months now.

1) Launch HS5 (MY), go to the login screen and minimize it.

2) Launch CE, target Launch.exe.

3) Search for 'Array of Bytes', make sure Hex is ticked.
Value to search for is '00 00 bc 41 00 00 a0 41 00 00 b0 41 0c 01 00'.

4) You will get 1 result, add this to your address list.

5) Copy the Address value (like '1CF6A5CC' for example) of the the AOB
you found.

6) Run Freestyler. Press Start and paste this address value in there and
hit ok. Remember, if Freestyler crashes on load YOU NEED TO INSTALL THE .NET FRAMEWORK.

7) Login and play the game. If you dont trust me, you can also perform
steps 1-6 after you have logged in. Either way will work.

8) Freestyler will hit the keys for you as long as the HS5 client has focus.
It will begin as soon as you enter any dance mode.. it will also list
the keys it has to press for you :)

NOTE: You still have to press the Space bar yourself, unless you use Auto Space
which is meant for BOTTING only. This is not a perfect space hack just a perfect
key bot.



Me (rizzy/exile). Made in <2>
VirusScan results :

Filename: Freestyler.exe
Scan finished. 0 out of 21 scanners reported malware.
Scan taken on: Wed 8 Jul 2009 18:29:39 (CET) Permalink

File size: 38400 bytes
Filetype: PE32 executable for MS Windows (GUI) Intel 80386 32-bit Mono/.Net assembly
MD5: 9ce72b5c52512ba5c2be0be5d3d3a0d5
SHA1: 664a9dd5b747185b6b02711c9e50373bbf3388de

2009-07-08 Found nothing
2009-07-08 Found nothing
2009-07-08 Found nothing
2009-07-08 Found nothing
[Avast! antivirus]
2009-07-07 Found nothing
[Kaspersky Anti-Virus]
2009-07-08 Found nothing
[Grisoft AVG Anti-Virus]
2009-07-08 Found nothing
2009-07-08 Found nothing
[Avira AntiVir]
2009-07-08 Found nothing
[Norman Virus Control]
2009-07-07 Found nothing
[Softwin BitDefender]
2009-07-08 Found nothing
[Panda Antivirus]
2009-07-08 Found nothing
2009-07-08 Found nothing
[Quick Heal]
2009-07-08 Found nothing
2009-07-08 Found nothing
2009-07-08 Found nothing
2009-07-08 Found nothing
[VirusBlokAda VBA32]
2009-07-07 Found nothing
[Frisk F-Prot Antivirus]
2009-07-07 Found nothing
2009-07-08 Found nothing
[F-Secure Anti-Virus]
2009-07-08 Found nothing


Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2


Download links:

Mediafire : http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?omjjkzyxhkd

Hotfile : http://hotfile.com/dl/8192462/046920...lease.rar.html

Savefile : http://www.savefile.com/files/2148299

FileFront : http://www.filefront.com/13996195/Fr...er_Release.rar


Video Usage Tutorial (14.5MB)

If you're still having problems with it, please refer to the video tutorial below which demonstrates the usage procedure and how it works in game. Both are the same file, just hosted on different mirrors :) And remember, this bot is for HS5 only because its memory based (not image based) .. but in turn makes it extremely fast and accurate.

Filefront : http://www.filefront.com/13998969/Freestyler_tut.avi

MediaFire : http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?lyodmmol0im


For non HS5 MY players, the original copy has a window title check to ensure that the active window title is 'HighStreet 5'. If yours is different, please edit launch.ini and change it to 'HighStreet 5' or use the experimental build below with no active window validation. TQ


Glad to hear some of you are enjoying this. As for those non HS5 MY players, I've compiled a separate version with the active window title check disabled. This means that even if HS5 is not in focus, it will send keys to the active window regardless and you don't have to edit launch.ini.

Download link for experimental build : http://www.filefront.com/14031831/Fr...perimental.rar

Please try this, as long as it can 'detect' the arrow keys it means it can read the memory structures fine and should be able to send keys fine as well. If it can't I'm sorry

Thank's to:rizvanrp


  1. Dinesh Says:
  2. thx a lot  :-[

  3. u're welcome 8-)

  4. HAn113 Says:
  5. uhuhuh THANKS a lot>< what software u use to make this freestyler seend me at protecy_113@yahoo.com

  6. Guest Says:
  7. its not working anymore with the new patch

  8. Guest Says:
  9. new version on 20 august 2009 n i try to use it but it cant anymore...should it update ?

  10. Guest Says:
  11. how to get the Freestyler??????

  12. Guest Says:
  13. i have seen in hs5 my server forum....tht this program have been post in the forum....i dunnoe are this people stupid or idiot he should not doing like tht n tht id player call Screamz ! ur id will be band soon since u post it out which mean u got this program O:-)

  14. hunter Says:
  15. what the website freestyler???

  16. Guest Says:
  17. i just back from gamerzplanet website n find our that ur forum already been close by thm,so in the future where the new posting forum or update will be make ? thx nia u have been greet help for hs5 player for making this bot

  18. Guest Says:
  19. go good..thtx :*

  20. Guest Says:
  21. thx !

  22. Anonymous Says:
  23. Один хуй у этого бота в при танце в чат цыфры лезут когда хочешь что то написать))))

    Я везде!!!)))

  24. Destiny Says:
  25. please help me to get freestyler key presser/bot/hack            :'(       

  26. Anonymous Says:
  27. u all noob

  28. rizvanrp Says:
  29. Hi,

    Bot creator here.. even though I have the capability to update this bot to match HS5 Msia, I'm not going to. Reason being I haven't touched HS5 since I released it in the first place :)

    If you're lucky someone else will make another and release it!

  30. me Says:
  31. sial free styler x leh

  32. why when i open this freestyler.exe is says ''The application failed to intialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application.can u help me??

  33. Anonymous Says:
  34. HOw WAN download free styler??

  35. WTF O.o Says:
  36. How Can I make that work on Russian version ???

  37. Anonymous Says:
  38. elow

  39. aken Says:
  40. hye thay!!!!!

  41. aken Says:
  42. siapa bleh tolong ajar saya amik hachk????

  43. aken Says:
  44. saya leader lockdown,x caye tanya mamber lockdown

  45. aken Says:
  46. ajar saya amik hack bleh???????????

  47. Anonymous Says:
  48. 8-)

  49. Cheater87 Says:
  50. _http://parapa.onlinebots.net/ http://parapa.onlinebots.net/ – бот для Пара Па (автоматическое выполнение танцев – нажатие стрелок в игре «Пара Па: Город Танцев»).

  51. Guest Says:
  52. Cheater87....wat is tht bots?dunnoe wat meaning at all tht website u give 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

  53. Guest Says:
  54. hi rizvanrp...can do bots in steps cz those steps gm very arrogant 8-)

  55. Anonymous Says:
  56. u have perfect hack? i need it

  57. Anonymous Says:
  58. someone give me hack plsss

  59. lala Says:
  60. anyone got HS5 point hack??

  61. BluePro Says:
  62. download were??? me donknow oo

  63. aw Says:
  64. thx!

  65. Anonymous Says:
  66. :-D :-D :-E :-E ;) ;)

  67. Anonymous Says:
  68. hihihihih laking2long ng bot amf.. :-D

  69. iKh4irul Says:
  70. Hey dude can u give how to do Auto space in freestyler that u give me... i tick auto spacebar then when dance it miss.!!he space too early.. how to change it?? using delay interval??? HElp me da

  71. Anonymous Says:
  72. its not working
    though i made it start does this work on ph too?

  73. scpreturn Says:
  74. how 2 hack point

  75. Anonymous Says:
  76. <span>Hi, rizvanrp can you make the bot press the arrows like this "8266448" not like this </span>
    "4444444888886666666222222" ?

  77. step up Says:
  78. xp sp2 mybe boleh...sp3 no way...

  79. Anonymous Says:
  80. i want hack poin highstreet5 MY.....where i can that hack...?

  81. maisara4 Says:
  82. Thx for the freestyler download! add me in Hs5! maisara4 ...

  83. eboy Says:
  84. <span><span>after I downloaded I can not use cheat perfect please help me thank you </span></span> :(

  85. ilmi89 Says:
  86. how to download freestyler 0.6....

  87. Anonymous Says:
  88. panu yun kapag gumawa ako ng bago don juan agad ako ? ? ?

  89. Anonymous Says:
  90. if its hard to download?

  91. Anonymous Says:
  92. >:o oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  93. Anonymous Says:
  94. new version freestyler cant use !!!!

  95. Zocotroco Says:
  96. no found

  97. Guest Says:
  98. :-E where do i get freestyler :(

  99. amer Says:
  100. who can share the hack hs5 with me?

  101. cool Says:
  102. how play this ?

  103. Shadow Says:
  104. Freestyle hack work on new patch?

  105. 2131323 Says:
  106. assadsadsdssddsdasd

  107. diyana Says:

  109. visit www.tr1pl3ck.blogspot.com for hack dance highstreet5

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